The Sexual Strength Test

How Long Can You Last?…Test the Strength of Your “Sexual Muscles” with this 60 Second Exercise

This simple test also doubles as a powerful exercises to boost your sex drive and increase your sexual energy. This is especially important if you want to increase your libido and potency.

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The first video discusses the latest scientific discoveries relating to how consistent porn-use can re-wire the neural connections in the brain….thereby leading to a desensitization effect (where our body responds less and less to stimulation), resulting in worse sexual performance in bed.

The second video answers a question sent in from a reader about “overcoming sexual inhibitions” and escalating sexually with a woman. If you’ve ever experienced anxiety when approaching or talking to women, you’ll want to hear this one crucial mindset shift and how it can improve your ability to take things to the next level easily and naturally.

Plus, you’ll receive a bonus training called “2 moments that make or break sexual confidence.” Most of us know the 1st crucial moment of sexual confidence – it’s when we approach a woman for the first time. Many guys have so much trouble talking to women, and spend lots of time and money learning new pick-ups lines and routines when they are missing half the equation.

The 2nd crucial moment of sexual confidence is often overlooked and neglected yet its likely even more powerful when it comes to developing confidence with women. In fact, most men are screwing up their chances at meeting beautiful women before they even leave their house! Once you know what to do, you’ll be able to condition your mind for natural sexual confidence (that way you don’t need to spend so much time learning pick up lines).

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